What does Vehement mean ?

Vehement” is a big word that means someone feels very, very strongly about something. It’s like when you really, really want a toy, and you keep telling everyone how much you want it and how important it is to you. That’s being vehement about wanting that toy. It’s when your feelings are super strong and you show them a lot.


Meaning: Showing strong feeling or intense emotion 

Part of speech: Adjective

Example sentence: She had a vehement opposition to the new rules. 


– Vehement is used to describe things like opinions, reactions, or feelings that are expressed intensely or forcibly.

– It comes from the Latin word ‘vehemens’ which means energetic, forceful, or violent.

– Vehement emotions are not just felt inside, but are outwardly shown through words, facial expressions, body language, etc.

– Some synonyms are: passionate, fierce, fervent, heated, enthusiastic. 

– It’s an adjective, so it describes and modifies nouns.

– To use it in a sentence: The protesters were vehement in their cries against injustice. 

– The comparative form is ‘more vehement’ and superlative form is ‘most vehement’.


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