What does Mettle mean?

Mettle means strength of character or courage. When someone has “mettle”, they have mental toughness and determination. It’s like when someone doesn’t give up, even when things are really hard. It shows how tough and determined they are.

Mettle Meaning: A person’s strength of character or spirit

Part of speech: Noun 

Example Sentences using the word “mettle”:

  1. The firefighter showed great mettle running into the burning building to save the baby.
  2. It takes a lot of mettle to stand up to bullies at school.
  3. Mountain climbers need the mettle to brave extreme conditions.
  4. The knight’s mettle helped him defeat the dragon.
  5. Even though the race was exhausting, the runner had the mettle to keep going and finish.


– Mettle refers to someone’s mental toughness, courage, grit and determination of character.

– It is often tested during difficult situations when strength and resilience are required. 

– Someone who has “true mettle” can cope well and overcome challenging obstacles.

– Other words with similar meanings are fortitude, resilience, tenacity.

– It can be used in a sentence like: “The sailor showed great mettle in navigating the rough seas.”

– The noun ‘mettle’ is often confused with the metal ‘metal’. Make sure to remember the subtle spelling difference.

– To build mettle, step outside your comfort zone, face your fears, practice perseverance when things get hard.


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