What is Active Voice?

Active voice is a grammatical construction in which the subject of a sentence performs the action expressed by the verb. In other words, the subject is doing the action, rather than being acted upon. Using active voice can make your writing more direct, clear, and engaging.

Which sentence uses the active voice?

Consider the following two sentences:

  1. The dog chased the ball.
  2. The ball was chased by the dog.

In the first sentence, “the dog” is the subject, and it is performing the action of chasing the ball. This is an example of active voice. In the second sentence, “the ball” is the subject, but it is being acted upon by the dog. This is an example of passive voice.

Key Characteristics of Active Voice

  • The subject performs the action expressed by the verb.
  • Sentences are typically more concise and easier to understand.
  • The focus is on the doer of the action.
  • Sentences often follow the pattern: Subject + Verb + Object.

Active VoiceExample Sentences

  1. The cat caught the mouse.
  2. John wrote the report.
  3. Sarah is reading a book.
  4. The team won the championship.
  5. I am writing a blog post about active voice.

Tips for Identifying Active Voice

  1. Identify the subject of the sentence and determine if it is performing the action.
  2. Look for sentences that follow the Subject + Verb + Object pattern.
  3. Be aware of passive voice constructions, such as “was” or “were” followed by a past participle (e.g., “was chased,” “were eaten”).

Here are more examples for active voice:

SentenceActive voice sentence where subject performs the action 
The cake was baked by my sister.My sister baked the cake. 
The book was written by the famous author. The famous author wrote the book. 
The students completed the project. The sentence is already in active voice.
The package was delivered by the mailman.The mailman delivered the package.
The company hired a new manager. The sentence is already in active voice.

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