• When to Use Then vs Than
    Do you struggle knowing the right contexts and uses for the words “then” and “than”? Many people mix up these two common words even though they have very different meanings. Understanding the key differences is […]
  • What does Derision Mean?
    Derision means making fun of someone or something in a very unkind, disrespectful way. It’s mocking or ridiculing something contemptuously. Meaning: The act of ridiculing or mocking someone/something. Making fun of contemptuously. Part of speech: […]
  • What does Mettle mean?
    Mettle means strength of character or courage. When someone has “mettle”, they have mental toughness and determination. It’s like when someone doesn’t give up, even when things are really hard. It shows how tough and […]
  • What does Vehement mean ?
    Vehement” is a big word that means someone feels very, very strongly about something. It’s like when you really, really want a toy, and you keep telling everyone how much you want it and how […]
  • Metaphors with Meanings
    Time is money. Meaning: This metaphor suggests that time, like money, should be used wisely and not wasted because it is valuable. Life is a journey. Love is a battlefield. Knowledge is a light. The […]