Making it simple: Robust 

Word: Robust 

Pronunciation: roh-buhst (with the stress on the first syllable)


The word “robust” means strong and healthy, or able to withstand or recover from difficult conditions. It can also be used to describe something that is well-developed or full-bodied.

For example, if you have a robust immune system, it means that your body is strong and healthy enough to fight off infections and diseases.
In another context, if someone makes a robust argument, it means that they have made a strong and convincing case for their position. 

Example sentences:

  1. The athlete’s robust physique allowed him to run a marathon without getting tired.
  2. The company’s robust cybersecurity measures ensured that their data remained safe from hackers.
  3. The scientist conducted a robust study to ensure the accuracy of her findings.
  4. The restaurant served a robust red wine that perfectly complemented the hearty steak
  5. The robust economy of the country was able to withstand the impact of the global recession.

    Robust meaning in Hindi.
    Robust meaning in Spanish.

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