Facetious: Understanding the Meaning of Facetious and Usage 

What does Facetious mean? 

Facetious means to be joking or making light of a situation in a way that is not serious. It often involves humor or sarcasm, but it is not meant to be taken seriously. A facetious remark is something said to be funny, rather than to convey a serious message.

“Facetious” is pronounced fuh-SEE-shuhs

Origin of the Word:

The word facetious comes from the Latin word “facetus,” which means witty or humorous. It was first used in the English language in the 1590s, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. The word has evolved over time to its current meaning of making jokes or comments that are not meant to be taken seriously.

Example Sentences for facetious :

Here are some example sentences that use the word facetious:

  1. His facetious remarks during the interview did not impress the hiring manager.
  2. Despite the serious topic, the comedian managed to keep the audience laughing with his facetious jokes.
  3. She made a facetious remark about the weather to break the awkward silence.
  4. His facetious tone made it difficult for others to take him seriously.
  5. Her facetious comment about the seriousness of the situation did not go over well with the group.

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