8 Exclamatory Sentences in a Classroom

Exclamatory Sentences: These sentences show strong feeling or emotion. They end with an exclamation point. For example: “I love recess!” “Yay, it’s pizza day!” Exclamatory sentences are excited sentences.

  • Excellent work, everyone! I’m so proud of the effort you put into your projects.
  • Wow! Great job answering those tough questions correctly, Michael!
  • Yikes! Be careful with those scissors, Sarah!
  • Hooray! It’s time for lunch, so line up quickly and quietly!
  • Okay, eyes up here, everyone! This material will be on the test.
  • Oh no, there’s a fire drill! Please leave your things and proceed quickly to the exit!
  • Oops! I made a small mistake on this equation – thanks for catching that, Luis!
  • Hey! No running in the classroom, Antonio – walk please!

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