Know your ‘Kn’ words

The “kn” words are a combination of two letters, “k” and “n”, which together make a unique sound commonly found at the beginning of words. It is a silent letter combination, which means that when you pronounce words that begin with “kn,” you do not pronounce the “k” sound. Instead, you pronounce the “n” sound as the initial sound of the word.

In English, the “kn” digraph is most commonly found at the beginning of words, such as “knight,” “knit,” “knead,” and “kneel.” It is relatively rare to find the “kn” digraph in the middle or end of words.

What is the origin of Kn words

Can you think of some examples of Kn words? Here are some common ones:

Knee – the middle joint in your leg that helps you bend it Knife – sharp tool used for cutting things
Knuckle – the joints in your fingers where they bend Knock – to tap or rap with your hand to make a noise Knit – to make clothes, scarves or blankets by looping yarn
Knot – a tie or fastening made by tangled rope, yarn, etc

When trying to spell these words, remember they actually begin with a “K”. The K is always followed by an “n” to make the “nuh” sound.

Other Kn Words: Know, knowledge, knew, knight, knees, kneel, knead, knack, Knudson

Here is a list of 33 kn diagraphs:

  1. Knapsack
  2. Knead
  3. Knee
  4. Kneecap
  5. Kneel
  6. Knickknack
  7. Knife
  8. Knight
  9. Knit
  10. Knob
  11. Knock
  12. Knoll
  13. Knot
  14. Know
  15. Knuckle
  16. Knotty
  17. Knurled
  18. Knapweed
  19. Knish
  20. Knurl
  21. Kneecapping
  22. Knackered
  23. Kneepad
  24. Knighthood
  25. Knowledge
  26. Knick
  27. Knickpoint
  28. Knobbed
  29. Knuckleball
  30. Knapsing
  31. Knuckly
  32. Knickknackery
  33. Knitter

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