Reading is an essential skill

Reading is an essential skill that is necessary for success in many areas of life. Whether it’s reading a textbook for class, a novel for leisure, or an article for work, being able to read and comprehend written material is crucial. However, many people struggle with reading, especially when it comes to reading passages on topics they are not familiar with.

 Here are some strategies for effectively reading passages on many topics.

  1. Skim the passage first

Before diving into the details of a passage, it’s helpful to skim through it quickly to get an idea of what it’s about. This will give you a general sense of the topic and the main points that the author is making. Skimming can also help you identify any key terms or concepts that may be important to remember as you read.

  1. Look up unfamiliar words

If you come across a word you don’t know, don’t just skip over it. Look it up! Understanding the meaning of every word in a passage is essential to fully comprehending it. If you don’t have a dictionary handy, use an online resource such as Google or

  1. Take notes

Taking notes as you read can be incredibly helpful for retaining information. You can jot down key points, important quotes, or any questions or thoughts that come to mind as you read. This can also help you stay focused and engaged with the material.

  1. Practice active reading

Active reading means engaging with the material in a meaningful way. As you read, ask yourself questions about the content, make connections to your own experiences or knowledge, and try to identify the author’s purpose or argument. This will help you stay focused and retain more of what you read.

  1. Practice with a variety of topics

To become a better reader, it’s important to practice reading passages on many topics. This will help you develop your comprehension skills and become more comfortable with unfamiliar subject matter. Try reading articles or essays on topics you wouldn’t normally choose, such as science, politics, or history.

Here some interesting reading passages to start with on famous personality.

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