Subject Identification Grammar Practice 03

  1. For each sentence, identify the subject.
  2. Once you have identified the subject, write it down next to the sentence.
  3. Check your answers using the provided answer key.


  1. The dog barks loudly.
    Answer: The dog
  2. She is reading a book.
    Answer: She
  3. The flowers bloom in spring.
    Answer: The flowers
  4. They are playing soccer.
    Answer: They
  5. My sister and I went to the park.
    Answer: My sister and I
  6. The car crashed into the tree.
    Answer: The car
  7. The teacher assigns homework every day.
    Answer: The teacher
  8. The children are laughing and playing.
    Answer: The children
  9. He loves to eat ice cream.
    Answer: He
  10. The rain poured heavily all night.
    Answer: The rain

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