How to Identify the Subject in a Sentence

The subject is a key element of a sentence as it tells us who or what the sentence is about. Identifying the subject helps us understand the main focus of the sentence. Let’s explore how to identify the subject with some examples.

1. Ask “Who?” or “What?” before the verb:

To find the subject, ask yourself “Who?” or “What?” before the verb in the sentence. The answer to this question is likely the subject.

Example 1: The cat is sleeping.

  • Ask: “Who is sleeping?”
  • Answer: The cat.
  • Subject: The cat.

Example 2: She is playing the piano.

  • Ask: “Who is playing the piano?”
  • Answer: She.
  • Subject: She.
  1. Look for the noun or pronoun performing the action:
    The subject is often the noun or pronoun that performs the action or is described in the sentence.

Example 3: The books are on the shelf.

  • Ask: “What is on the shelf?”
  • Answer: The books.
  • Subject: The books.

Example 4: They are going to the park.

  • Ask: “Who is going to the park?”
  • Answer: They.
  • Subject: They.
  1. Pay attention to what the sentence is about:
    The subject is the main topic or focus of the sentence. It can be a person, place, thing, or idea.

Example 5: The sun shines brightly.

  • Ask: “What shines brightly?”
  • Answer: The sun.
  • Subject: The sun.

Conclusion: Identifying the subject in a sentence helps us understand who or what the sentence is about. By asking questions such as “Who?” or “What?” before the verb, or focusing on the noun or pronoun performing the action, we can easily identify the subject. Remember, the subject brings clarity to the sentence and helps us grasp the main idea being conveyed.


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