Sentence Patterns and Structures

  1. What is a sentence?
    • A sentence is a group of words that gives a complete thought.
  2. Parts of a sentence:
    • Every sentence has three important parts: a. Subject: Who or what the sentence is about. b. Verb: What the subject is doing or the action. c. Object: Who or what receives the action.
  3. Subject:
    • The subject tells us who or what the sentence is about.
    • It is usually a noun (person, place, thing, or idea).
    • Examples:
      • The cat
      • My friend
      • The sun
  4. Verb:
    • The verb tells us what the subject is doing or the action.
    • Examples:
      • jumps
      • sings
      • eats
  5. Object:
    • The object is the noun that receives the action of the verb.
    • Examples:
      • the ball (The cat jumps the ball.)
      • a song (My friend sings a song.)
      • an apple (The boy eats an apple.)
  6. Putting it all together:
    • In a sentence with the SVO pattern, the subject comes first, followed by the verb, and then the object.
    • Example sentences:
      • The cat jumps the ball.
      • My friend sings a song.
      • The boy eats an apple.
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