Grammar Practice Worksheet 01

Find the answers for Grammar Practice Worksheet here:

Directions: Read the following sentences and identify if they are declarative or interrogative.

  1. The sun sets in the west. _______Declarative _________
  2. She loves to read books. _________Declarative _______
  3. What time does the movie start? Interrogative_______
  4. Can you pass me the salt, please? Interrogative_______
  5. The cat is sleeping on the couch. Declarative_________
  6. Where did you put my keys? _____Interrogative_______
  7. He enjoys playing basketball. _____Declarative_________
  8. Did you finish your homework yet? Interrogative______
  9. The concert starts at 7 PM. ________Declarative________
  10. How many siblings do you have? __Interrogative________

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